Co Loa The Myth (Production Design)

Based on a very famous Vietnamese mythology Mị Châu - Trọng Thủy, my self-started project Cổ Loa The Myth is the proposal for a feature animation. Mị Châu is the Princess of Âu Lạc while Trọng Thuỷ is the rival kingdom's Prince, they fall in love but it ends tragically. Trọng Thuỷ and Mị Châu are considered a Romeo and Juliet motif in Vietnam's literature. In this project, I tried to create a fresh image of Âu Lạc (the old Vietnam) around 200s BC which has not been very popular on the screen yet. The carvings and illustrations on Bronze Drum and old pottery were the main inspirations for me to design houses, structures and character costumes for the film.

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• Date: 2014 • Role: Production Designer | Character Designer | Background Artist | Digital Colourist • URL:
• Tags: Animation, Background Design, Character Design, Digital Colouring, Production Design